Frequently Asked Questions


Are the downloads available immediately after purchase?
✔️Yes, you should receive a link via email automatically after purchase is confirmed.
Why didn't I receive my downloads after purchase?
✔️Although sales and downloads are automated, sometimes the files do not send automatically if you pay with PayPal.  No worries, I still receive payment notifications so I'll send you the files manually as long as your email and proof of purchase match.
My download link expired, what do I do?
✔️After you purchase and/or receive a link from, you have 5 days from the date your download was purchased and/or and email was delivered to download files.  If you miss the download deadline, in most cases I'll send you a new link.
Why are the downloads in ZIP file?
Some purchases contain a lot of files and it's easier to download one file instead of 15.  You will need a ZIP file extractor to access the files.


Can I return a product?
✔️No.  All products on the website are digital products.  We can not give refunds for our digital products because there is no way to return them.  Once you receive and download the product, there is no way to give it back.  Even if you send an email back, you still have it. 

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